Mike is accredited by NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and been training Martial Arts since the 80’s and the Founder and Creator of Tactician Self Defense System. 


With Mike’s 13 years + of experience in Personal Training and Training different Martial Arts (Aikido, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, Haidong Gumdo/Korean Sword Sport, Jeet Kune Do, Karate, Muay Thai, Pencak Silat , Salaknib Martial Arts System/Filipino Martial Arts, Taekwondo) since he was 7 years old, will make your trainings more engaging and more personal fit to your needs.


With these vast experience, he will find an a training plan that fits your needs and fitness level.

                                                 A TRAINER WHO CARES AND UNDERSTANDS YOU

Mike, your personal trainer and coach takes your fitness goals and safety seriously. The Fitness Tactician LLC believes that there is a connection between Fitness and Self Defense. Mike understands that losing weight and gaining muscle can be challenging. The Fitness Tactician's goal is to help you overcome hurdles so you can reach your fitness goal efficiency. He also value the movements in martial arts and help sculpt one’s  body. At the same time, builds confidence and that “Zen“ feeling of security and inner peace.

     There are important value to movements in the Tactician’s Fitness System. These movements in Fitness and Martial Arts plays an integral part to weight loss, body sculpting and correcting faulty movements. Putting emphasis to these makes improvements to daily routine builds confidence, inner peace and positive outlook that a client feels in the process of reaching his or her goals.

      Coach Mike has training on different field of Fitness and a variety of Self Defense disciplines. These helps in making your Fitness and Martial Arts journey more engaging, challenging and fun.
     Our company believes we are all different. We will help create personalized fitness and martial arts plan. So let's team up! Let our journey start now!

* Personal Training
    • Kids / Teens
    • Adults
    • Senior
* Weight Loss
* Body Sculpting
* Corrective Exercise
* Fight or Pre EventConditioning Training
* Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning 
* Golf FitnessTraining
* Fitness Nutrition 
* Pre Surgery Training
* Post Rehab Training
* Fitness Striking (Boxing / Kickboxing)

* Tactician Self a Defense System
       • Boxing
       • Kickboxing 
 * Striking Arts
       • Salaknib Martial Arts System (Kali / Arnis /          Escrima); Filipino Martial Arts (Stick / Knife/           Hand to Hand)
       • Grappling
       • Combat Aikido
* Multiple Attacker Training
* Weapons Disarms
* Reality Based Fighting


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